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SureSmile® Aligners – Fargo, ND

Clearly Achieve the Straight, Healthy Smile of Your Dreams

Woman placing her aligner tray

Patients who want a straighter, more beautiful smile quickly and without the hassle of brackets and wires now have a great solution – SureSmile® Aligners. This unique alignment tray orthodontic system can reposition teeth in just a few months. Most patients achieve their desired results in less than 12 months without having to set foot in an orthodontist’s office. At Cornerstone Dental in Fargo, we offer a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to meet patients’ needs and keep them smiling. If you want to learn more about SureSmile® Aligners or any of our other dental services, call our team to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Why Choose Cornerstone Dental for SureSmile® Aligners?

How They Work

Closeup of patient placing alignment tray

Traditional braces move teeth into position by fusing brackets onto the surfaces of each tooth. Then, wires are connected to each bracket. By adjusting the wires, pressure is placed on specific teeth to gently shift them into their ideal alignment. SureSmile® aligners and other clear braces solutions use a serious of alignment trays to shift teeth into their proper positions. Each set of aligners is formed to represent the position of teeth one step closer to the proper position. Patients will wear these aligners for about two weeks at a time. Then, they exchange the aligners for the next set in the series. SureSmile® aligners reposition teeth, delivering a healthy, beautiful, flawlessly aligned smile in less than a year for most people.

Who Should Consider SureSmile®Aligners

Smiling woman holding aligner tray

SureSmile® aligners work so well because they are easy to use, invisible, and treatment is safe and efficient. For adult patients who have a relatively healthy smile and no concerns with jaw pain, strain, or excessive dental wear, aligning teeth using the SureSmile® orthodontic system can be a better solution than spending a year or more on advanced orthodontic treatments like traditional bracket and wire braces. Because they are metal free, SureSmile® aligners are also a great option for any patient who has allergies or sensitivities to metal. If you can’t fit frequent trips to orthodontist into a busy schedule, SureSmile® may be your best option as well.

Benefits of SureSmile® Aligners

Closeup of patient putting alignment tray in place

No treatment is right for every patient, but for those with mild to moderate tooth alignment concerns, SureSmile® aligners may be the ideal treatment option. Some of the benefits patients who choose SureSmile® aligners can expect include:

Understanding the Cost of SureSmile

Businesswoman happy with the cost of SureSmile in Fargo

One of the first things our patients ask about SureSmile in Fargo is, “How much does it cost?” The answer to that question varies from patient to patient. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate when you come in for your consultation. In the meantime, we invite you to read on below about some of the factors that can influence the price of this treatment.

Factors that Affect the Cost of SureSmile

Illustration of SureSmile being used to correct crooked teeth

The cost of SureSmile in Fargo depends on a few factors, including:

  • The extent of your dental misalignment. Logically, complex and extensive orthodontic problems cost more to correct than cosmetic issues. You might need additional accessories that raise your total out of pocket obligation.
  • Whether you are straightening one arch or two. Straightening one dental arch usually costs less than straightening both.
  • The overall length of your treatment. In most cases, a longer overall treatment time is associated with higher overall costs.
  • Your compliance with treatment. Failure to comply with treatment instructions could negatively affect your outcome and lead to higher fees.

SureSmile vs. SmileDirectClub™: Weighing Cost against Value

Dental team member holding up two clear aligners in heart shape

DIY clear aligners in Fargo are becoming more and more popular. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of straightening their teeth at a low price? SmileDirectClub™ and similar systems typically cost around $2,000 or so, while SureSmile may cost significantly more than that. However, while the price of DIY aligners may be attractive, it is important that you consider value as well as cost.

With DIY aligners, there is a greater margin for human error because you do not get the close, personalized supervision of a trained dentist. If something goes wrong with your treatment, it could end up being very expensive to fix. The aligners might even be made out of cheap plastic, as opposed to the high-quality Essix Ace plastic that composes SureSmile aligners. SureSmile delivers predictable results and safe treatment, and it uses highly advanced technology — it’s an excellent value!

Does Dental Insurance Cover SureSmile?

Close-up of dental insurance form with pen and clipboard

Only a handful of dental insurance policies cover orthodontic treatment, including SureSmile. If yours does apply, it might cover up to half of the cost of your treatment (up to the amount of your policy’s lifetime orthodontic maximum). Our practice is in-network with Delta Dental and accepts payment from most PPO plans. We will be happy to help you navigate your coverage and use it to your greatest advantage.

Options for Making SureSmile Affordable

Happy patient placing SureSmile aligner in her mouth

In addition to helping you with insurance, we can also assist you in applying for third-party financing. We are proud to partner with both CareCredit and Lending Club. These companies offer a range of affordable, low-interest payment plans, and most patients qualify for financing through them. Additionally, if you would like to use your FSA or HSA to help you pay for SureSmile, we may be able to help you with that as well.

Our team is ready to help you achieve a healthier, straighter smile! Contact us today to learn more about the financial aspects of treatment.

SureSmile FAQs

SureSmile in Fargo is one of the best ways to straighten teeth. However, it is understandable if you want to learn more about this treatment before you schedule your consultation with us. That is why we have put together the following brief list of frequently asked questions, along with their answers. If you do not see the information you were hoping for, feel free to give us a call. We are ready to share our knowledge!

How Does SureSmile Compare to Other Clear Aligner Brands?

Like other clear aligner brands that you would get from a dentist, SureSmile uses advanced technology (such as a digital impression system), and the aligners are composed out of high-quality materials. However, SureSmile may cost less than the most popular brands.

If you are thinking about using DIY aligners, like SmileDirectClub or a similar system, keep in mind that they do not measure up to SureSmile in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Can You Eat with Invisalign?

You should not eat while your aligners are in your mouth. Doing so could damage the aligners or cause them to become stained. For the same reason, you should not drink pigmented or very hot beverages while wearing your aligners. Really, the only thing you should consume with SureSmile in your mouth is plain water.

However, when you remove your aligners, you are free to eat and drink anything — there are no dietary restrictions with SureSmile. Just be sure that you rinse your aligners and clean your teeth after meals before you put SureSmile back in your mouth.

What if My Invisalign Broke or Got Lost?

Give our office a call, and we will let you know what you should do. You might have to go back to wearing a previous aligner while we order a replacement for the one you lost. Or, if you were close to being able to move on to your next aligner, you might be able to start wearing it a few days early.

If you damage an aligner, do not try to force it on your teeth; that could damage your gums or enamel. Rather, ask us for tips on what you should do.

What Happens After SureSmile?

After you complete your SureSmile treatment, it is important that you maintain your results by wearing a retainer. At first, you should wear your retainer as much as you wore your aligners — at least 22 hours per day. Later, you may be able to progress to wearing your retainer only at night. Eventually, you might have to war it just a few nights each week. If your retainer ever begins to feel uncomfortably tight, that is a sign you are not wearing it enough.

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