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Why Your Dentist Is Installing Plastic Barriers In Their Office

May 20, 2020

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Plastic guard used by a dentist in Fargo.

COVID-19 has created major changes in the ways businesses operate. One of the most noticeable differences is the appearance of large plastic guards in areas where customers speak to employees. Your dentist in Fargo is also using them in their office to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But how exactly do they help? Keep reading to find out.


Have a Fever? Understanding the Symptoms of COVID-19 and Dental Infections

April 21, 2020

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Person with fever considering seeing emergency dentist in Fargo

The COVID-19 pandemic has most people trying their best to stay safe and healthy. If you start to feel ill, it can be a scary thing. A fever is one of the most prevalent symptoms of the virus. However, fevers are common symptoms for a number of health issues, including dental infections. When you experience a fever, it’s important to know the other symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and dental infections so you’ll know whether to call the hospital or schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in Fargo. <


Dental Emergency? Visit the Dentist Instead of the ER

March 26, 2020

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woman holding mouth in pain who needs emergency dentist in Fargo

You’ve been diligently watching all the news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of that, you’re already not in a good mood, but then, out of the blue, an intense pain shoots through one of your teeth. You take some ibuprofen, but even that doesn’t seem to help. Should you call your emergency dentist in Fargo? Or are you better off going to the emergency room? Here is why it’s much better to contact your dentist instead of going to the ER.


Do Your Dentures Fit Properly? Here’s How To Tell If They Don’t

December 3, 2019

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person holding dentures

Have you had your dentures in Fargo for several years and noticed that they’re not fitting as well as they used to? As you’ve matured, your replacement teeth haven’t changed in shape, but your mouth has. Apart from a month-long adjustment period when you first get your dentures, they should fit comfortably in your mouth without slipping and shifting while you eat or speak. Read on to learn the signs of ill-fitting restorations and why it’s important to replace them.


The 4 Phases of the Dental Implant Procedure

November 26, 2019

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Going into a procedure blind can be scary, which is why your implant dentist outlines these four phases of the process of getting dental implants in Fargo before you choose this tooth replacement option. Because each person’s mouth is different, every process varies, which means that only your implant dentist can, in detail, explain what yours will look like. To get an idea of what you can expect from this treatment, read below for an outline of the four phases of getting dental implants. 


Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Use Your Dental Insurance

October 22, 2019

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tooth in one hand, money in the other

Did you know that going to the dentist twice a year can actually save you money? That’s right, even though it sounds counterintuitive, it’s true. Your dental insurance typically covers two checkups and cleanings a year with your family dentist in Fargo. By attending these visits, you can use your dental benefits and save money in the long run. Keep reading to learn how.


Need a Crown Fast? Try CEREC in Fargo

July 25, 2019

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tooth with royal crown

You’ve had a cavity for a while now, but you’ve been putting off going to the dentist to get it treated. One day you bite a nice crunchy chip with that tooth, and it sends a shock wave of pain through your mouth. Now it looks like you have to see your dentist. He says you’ll have to get a crown, but that will take two appointments, with a few weeks of waiting in between. If only there were a way to get your crown fitted and attached in just one appointment. Fortunately, there is with CEREC in Fargo. What are CEREC crowns? What are their benefits? Keep reading to find out.


Why Your Blood Pressure is Monitored at a Dental Checkup in Fargo

May 17, 2019

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woman smiling sitting in dentist chair

When you visit your dentist for a dental checkup in Fargo, it’s common for your blood pressure reading to be taken. This is done because high blood pressure (hypertension) is considered, if ignored, to be a silent killer. To raise awareness about the importance of having one’s blood pressure checked, health professionals are joining forces this May to celebrate High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. Read on to learn about the valuable role your oral health plays in avoiding hypertension and how a preventive care visit could be a life saver!


4 Benefits of Taking Your Loved Ones to Your Family Dentist in Fargo

April 25, 2019

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family at dentist

As a parent, you’re constantly juggling everyone’s schedules. Between driving your loved ones to their sporting events to making sure all the grocery shopping’s done, it’s difficult running around town every day. You’re worried about getting everybody’s appointments scheduled for their routine checkups and cleanings. You just wish you could get your entire family taken care of at once, so you didn’t have to make so many trips across town. Your family dentist in Fargo can take care of everyone, including your little ones! Enjoy getting comprehensive care for your entire family in a single place. Read on to learn 4 benefits of family dental care.


Damaged Tooth? Discover the Benefits of a Same-Day Crown in Fargo

March 25, 2019

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dental-crownsIt can be difficult losing a tooth. Whether you lost it from bad oral habits or injury, a missing tooth can not only cause more severe dental problems, but it impacts your self-esteem and confidence. When talking with your dentist, you might expect to hear that you need a dental crown to fix the problem, but what if there was a more advanced procedure that could replace your tooth the same day as your visit? It’s possible with a same-day crown in Fargo! Read on to learn about the benefits.


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