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CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns – Fargo, ND

High-Quality Crowns without the Wait

Dr. Goodwill and Dr. Majidian see many patients who have either damaged or lost teeth due to severe decay, gum disease, or facial trauma. For these patients, the doctors turn to dental crowns to restore the affected teeth. The last few decades have seen some incredible advancements in dental crown technology, including the development of porcelain crowns that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Now, the doctors are thrilled to bring our patients another advancement in the placement of dental crowns: CEREC® technology. Using this technology, the doctors can now design, create, and place your permanent dental crown in just one day.

Why Choose Cornerstone Dental for CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns?

When Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Man in pain holding jaw

The doctors generally place dental crowns to help protect damaged teeth. If a patient has one or more damaged teeth, the doctors can place a crown to keep the tooth from suffering further damage. A dental crown will also restore a natural, healthy-looking smile to the patient’s face. Occasionally, a patient may have a cavity so large that the existing tooth structure can no longer support a filling. In this case, the doctors can replace the filling with a dental crown, providing structure and durability to the tooth, while preventing the tooth from suffering further damage. Some patients who have lost one or more teeth may opt for a dental bridge to replace the tooth. Most dental bridges have crowns on either end that fit over the teeth on each side of the gap, holding the bridge securely in place. Dr. Goodwill & Dr. Majidian will sometimes use dental crowns in situations other than repairing teeth. When the doctors perform a root canal, they will often use dental crowns to cover the site of the treatment after cleaning out the tooth. We can also use crowns to restore dental implants.

What Are CEREC® Dental Crowns?

Model smile with dental crown restoration

CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics,” and while that might be a mouthful, the way it works is actually relatively straightforward. Using in-house computer-aided design/manufacturing technology, the team at Cornerstone Dental can perform every step of the crown-making process right in our dental office in a single day, from preparing the tooth to taking the impression to actually milling and placing the crown.

Once a digital impression of your damaged tooth is taken, this is sent to CEREC’s software, which enables your dentist to quickly and precisely design your crown. When they are finished, a milling machine uses a single block of dental porcelain to literally sculpt the crown according to their design. At this point, your dentist will place the new crown onto your tooth, making any necessary adjustments so that the fit is just right. When everything looks and feels good, the crown will be bonded into place, and you’ll be able to leave our dental office with a completely renewed tooth.

Getting a Dental Crown Using CEREC®

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As with most dental procedures, getting a crown with CEREC will start with an exam performed by one of our dentists. During this, they will assess the damage to your tooth and determine whether or not a crown would be the best solution. If it is, then they can begin the CEREC process.

The first step is to slightly reshape the tooth in order to help a crown fit securely over it. Then, using a digital scanner, your dentist will create a 3D model of your tooth. Compared to the traditional way impressions are usually taken (using dental putty), this process is much faster and way more comfortable by comparison.

This model will enable your dentist to determine the perfect shape for your crown, and then their plan will be sent to our milling machine. When the crown is made, your dentist will place it onto your tooth.

Call Us Today

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To learn more about CEREC®, and how this amazing technology can work for you, contact our Fargo, ND dental office today and schedule your consultation.

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