Your Family Dentist in Fargo Says Protect Children’s Teeth from This

little girl eating chocolate covering her faceWe all wait for the summer season to come around because it spells fun in the sun, vacations and special events. For your children, though, it could become problematic if certain activities aren’t avoided, because they can contribute to a host of oral health problems. Your dentist in Fargo knows that information is power and weighs in with ways to prevent any dental maladies.

Alternatives for Summer Sweets?

One substance that can throw a stumbling block in the path of your family’s summer enjoyment is sugar. If your children overindulge, it could lead to rapid tooth decay. The reason being is that sugar becomes very acidic when it breaks down. Furthermore, it serves as one of the favorite foods of bacteria that lurk in the mouth. Given that most kids have an affinity for sugary delights, here are some alternatives for sweeteners:
  • Pure Honey
  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • Agave Nectar
All three are very sweet; thus, they require smaller amounts than when using normal granulated sugar. In addition to choosing alternative sweeteners, you can also offer your children fruits as replacements for nutrition-devoid snacks. The natural sugars they contain break down slower in the body and create less of an acidic environment the mouth.

Guard Their Mouths

Are your young ones involved in summer sports activities? If so, there’s always the risk of them running into other children. An easy remedy is to take them to visit your local dentist to be fitted for a custom mouthguard. This preventive measure ensures that a certain amount of pressure will be absorbed by the appliance instead of your children’s teeth, which helps to prevent an unwanted dental emergency.

Swimming Could Cause This to Happen

The heat of the summer drives children to local pools seeking some cool and refreshing fun. The pool setting presents safety challenges on several levels, though. One of them involves the possibility of your children chipping or breaking their teeth while playing around the hard, concrete surfaces. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to have them wear a protective mouthguard. This will lessen the trauma of any mishaps that could occur.

Summer – A Great Time to Visit the Dentist

One of the great advantages of summer is that it allows time for your children to visit the local dentist for preventive care without having to miss school. As one of their semi-annual appointments, this visit will ensure that their teeth are thoroughly cleaned and protected from harmful bacteria that seek to wear them down. So to help in making sure that your children get the absolute best out of their summer break, reach out to your dentist in Fargo to schedule a preventive care visit today!   About the Author A graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, Dr. Stacy Goodwill has worked in the dental world for over two decades. Additionally, she has earned certification in Advanced Education in General Dentistry and has completed other continuing education courses to enhance the quality of care she provides at Cornerstone Dental. Dr. Goodwill can be reached for more information through her website.

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