Dentist in Fargo Celebrates Dental Assistants

woman smiling in the dental chairWhen you visit Cornerstone Dental, we hope you’ll notice a few things right off the bat — like the fact that our office runs smoothly, that you’re always greeted warmly, and that you feel totally confident knowing your smile is in good hands while you are here. These are our primary goals, and we know they would not be possible without our wonderful dental assistants! It’s Dental Assistant Appreciation Week, and your dentists in Fargo is celebrating by honoring the people that really help our office run.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

A dental assistant is a dental professional who has received special training in just about every aspect of the dental practice. They wear the most hats out of anyone else in the office — sort of like a jack of all trades in dentistsry. Whether they are scheduling an appointment at the front desk or getting the tools sterilized and set up for a crown procedure, dental assistants can be counted on to do the important work that the dental practice relies on for success, and it’s usually with a smile. In order to be successful, dental assistants should be reliable, flexible, team players, and perhaps above all a friendly face to have chairside. Just like hygienists and dentistss, they can make all the difference for a patient who feels a little nervous or reluctant to be at the dentists. There is not any set number of dental assistants that is required at a dental practice — but you can guarantee that each and every assistant out there is an integral part of their office environment!

Thank Your Dental Assistant!

The next time you visit Cornerstone Dental, take a moment to thank OUR wonderful dental assistants, Krista, Ashley and Lisa! Just like all of our team members, Krista, Ashley and Lisa play an integral role in the inner workings of our office — and we want to make sure everyone gets the appreciation and credit they deserve! There’s no better time to spotlight our Dental Assistants meaningful contribution to Fargo’s oral health than during Dental Assistant Appreciation Week. Speaking of visiting Cornerstone Dental, when was your last visit to our office? Most people should schedule an appointment every six months. If it has been awhile since you last came in, we invite you to contact us at 701-237-3583.

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