A New Place to Go for Placing Dental Implants in Fargo

older couple at a professional consultationDental implants are a wonderful replacement option for any number of missing teeth. They are placed over the course of two major phases: implantation and restoration. Finding a dentist who can complete both stages will make the process a lot easier on your end — and we are pleased to announce that Dr. Goodwill and our team are now qualified to place AND restore dental implants in Fargo! Keep reading to learn about dental implant placement, how it works, and what you can expect from this procedure.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Before dental implants can be placed, your implant dentist will need to confirm that you are indeed eligible for this replacement option. Your oral and overall health will be evaluated — dental implants should be placed in a healthy jaw. If you are a candidate, a treatment plan will be put in place and your dentist will move forward. Dental implants are placed in an oral surgery. Local anesthesia and sedation are available to keep you comfortable throughout the process. The gum tissue is opened and each implant post is situated in the area where the missing tooth’s root was. The gums are then closed and healing begins. Once in the mouth, the titanium post(s) promotes the growth of bone tissue to help the dental implant fully integrate (fuse together with) the jaw.

How Long Does the Recovery Take?

The process for dental implant recovery typically lasts between 4 and 6 months, depending on the health of the jaw and the location of the dental implant. Some special implant procedures allow the implant to be placed and restored on the same day, but most will require this longer recovery period to ensure that the implant posts are sturdy within the jaw. You may wear a temporary tooth replacement in the meantime. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting proper nutrition and plenty of sleep will help you enjoy a speedy and comfortable recovery.

What Training Does an Implant Dentist Have?

An implant dentist undergoes significant theoretical and hands-on training in the placement of dental implants. Trained under some of the nation’s leaders in implant dentistry, Dr. Goodwill completed rigorous training with the International Dental Implant Association to earn a Fellowship in this prestigious organization. She remains committed to receiving more hands-on training and experience to continually grow to offer the very best in comprehensive implant dentistry to her Fargo patients. If you are missing or on the brink of losing one or more teeth, that could mean you!

Meet the Practice

Dr. Goodwill and the Cornerstone Dental Group team of professionals are pleased to offer dental implant placement to their patients! To learn more about this process or to schedule an appointment for your own dental implant consultation, you are invited to contact the office by calling your dentist in Fargo at 701-237-1491.

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